IT as a service for modern Real Estate Management

Today’s real estate managers are modern service providers offering a wide range of services. Although their tasks are becoming more complex and competitive pressure is rising, the most successful companies in the industry are becoming more and more efficient. They are consistently realising the benefits of digitalisation. Elabs offers professional IT operation as a service for modern real estate management to real estate managers of all sizes.

Fast and efficient processes

Fast and efficient processes mainly mean more time for customer support and recruitment – your actual core tasks.

The work of real estate managers used to mean a lot of paperwork and administrative effort. Business processes can be sped up significantly by digitalising essential work processes. This saves costs for personnel, materials and office space, giving modern real estate managers a crucial advantage in a market defined by tough competition.

Elabs complete solutions cover all business processes of modern real estate managers. They are tailored especially to the needs of the property management sector, offering a maximum of industry-specific functionality – from optimum industry software to legally compliant backups for all work locations and devices.

Tailored solutions – always up to date

Elabs full service solutions feature a modular structure. They can be expanded with add-ons and permit the integration of external solutions. This makes it possible to adapt your IT to your individual requirements at any time.

Automatic updates take current market developments and new legal requirements into account promptly, so that your company is always up to date.

Comprehensive Elabs services consistently reduce your administrative effort and effectively help you focus on your core activities.

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