Software innovation as a service

Elabs transforms software of any kind and generation into modular software as a service solutions that can be operated as highly scalable online applications. This makes it possible to automate your software development to a high degree. With software and service composing, individual services are turned into new applications with a mouse click – all the way to complete desktop-to-mobile transformation.

Software as a service solutions that grow with you

With the Elabs development services, a service-oriented architecture (SOA) based consistently on your company objectives is implemented for your software. Even highly complex applications are fast, flexible and cost-effective to implement – based precisely on your business processes, with excellent user comfort, and the ability to make changes at any time.

All services are provided via clearly defined interfaces and can work together with external processes and components: Your IT is interoperable and therefore ready for the implementation of cross-organisational business processes at any time.

Your developers do not have to write a single line of new code. Our specialists solve all your SaaS enablement problems – from the technical implementation of your SaaS strategy to linking suitable platforms.

Elabs also ensures that your SaaS solution automatically meets the current technical standards and regulatory requirements. You also benefit from our unique know-how, many years of experience and first-rate technologies for all security aspects.

Highly modern applications and faster product development

Your software development process is sped up considerably since our experts solve even complex development tasks very effectively. Many labour-intensive and costly manual processes are a thing of the past. Your company is able to realise contemporary new business processes and services quickly.

With the development services provided by Elabs, your software is transformed from a limiting factor to a business development driver – helping you consistently assert and expand your competitive advantage.

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