Highly modern infrastructure – fast, secure and always flexible

Companies that want to be faster and more flexible than the competition going forward depend on the latest infrastructure – and increasingly trust in its delivery as a service (infrastructure as a service, IaaS). With IaaS from Elabs your infrastructure always uses the latest technology, with the flexibility to adapt it at any time when your requirements change. Upgrades, maintenance and operating tasks are eliminated entirely for you. Since you are only billed for what you actually use, you only pay for the infrastructure you really need.

Highly modern infrastructure on demand

Computer and network technologies are advancing rapidly. More and more companies are discovering that their own IT infrastructure acts as a proverbial “albatross around the neck” in the sprint to the digital future. They are choosing infrastructure as a service.

With the infrastructure services from Elabs, all components of the data centre and network infrastructure you need are available to you at all times – including network capacities and storage, server and computer capacity, archiving and backup systems.

With IaaS from Elabs, your company has access to the latest technologies which you can use without any delay. This puts you miles ahead, especially compared to competitors who use their own infrastructure to the end of the depreciation cycle or need to implement complicated upgrades.

Maximum flexibility and security

The Elabs infrastructure services are as flexible as the market in which you operate. Absorbing load peaks is no problem and excess capacities can be released at any time. It is not necessary to maintain infrastructure for applications that are used only once or rarely. Thanks to scalability, usage can be adapted to requirements at any time.

With secure platforms and environments that can be individually preconfigured, you enjoy maximum user comfort. A detailed service level agreement (SLA) also ensures legal certainty for you. With the infrastructure services from Elabs, your infrastructure is transformed from a potential obstacle to a growth booster.

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