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Intense competitive pressure and stricter client requirements are defining the market environment for tax consultants. But even though everyday work processes are becoming more and more complex, successful tax consulting firms find enough time for their core tasks: Advising their clients, recruiting new customers and developing lucrative fields of activity. Their secret to success? The consistent digitalisation of all business processes. Elabs offers highly specific software and professional IT operation as a service for tax consulting firms of all sizes – thereby helping to effectively improve the efficiency of all processes.

Boosting productivity and profitability

Digitalising your business processes helps you work faster and more efficiently – freeing up personnel and financial resources you need to provide top services for your clients and for the strategic positioning of your firm in the market.

Complete IT solutions from Elabs help you effectively improve your productivity and profitability. They are straightforward to integrate into your firm’s day-to-day work.

Our recurring analysis of your IT needs helps you with the ongoing digitalisation of your processes, tailoring them to your target groups. Another strategic advantage: Your company can switch to new software solutions quickly but does not have to.

Modular solutions that grow with your business

Complete solutions from Elabs – that means industry-specific software and professional IT operation as a service without administrative effort for you. What’s more, your company can but does not have to switch to new software solutions.

You always work with the industry software of your choice – combined with select software tools to boost productivity. Powerful programs can be integrated at any time according to the building block principle, for example for tax calculation, accounting, personnel management and business consulting.

Your IT is flexible in adapting to new requirements as your office grows. Automatic updates ensure that all programs are always in compliance with current laws.

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