Best efficiency through automated services

Business services support companies with many important aspects of their daily work, making them more efficient and profitable. For optimum service delivery, business services require high-performance IT that is always up to date and can be easily adapted as soon as objectives or business processes change. Platforms are an important IT element of business services since they form the uniform basis for all application programs. Elabs provides you with fully managed development and operating environments as a business services platform. All applications can be fully realised and managed on this platform – from any provider and at every stage in their life cycle, from design to development, testing and implementation to operation.

Scalable, high availability with the best performance

Your business services platform from Elabs corresponds to your individual development and operating processes – making them faster, more reliable and easier to manage.

Application development and IT operation are integrated and breaks are avoided, significantly improving the efficiency of your business services. Modern tools ensure high transparency and control during your entire development and operating processes.

Additional software and IT services can be integrated through application programming interfaces (APIs). The performance of the platform is high from the outset.

With the Elabs IT services, the high availability of your platform is always assured. Technical disruptions or even failures are a thing of the past. The computing power and storage space are scalable at any time.

A service level agreement (SLA) defines the agreed service characteristics and their guaranteed quality.

Multi-client capability and the highest data security

Your business services platform from Elabs is multi-client capable – so it is accessible to many different users at the same time, regardless of location and with full data security. Specific access rights can be granted to users, entirely according to your individual requirements.

All you need to use it is a computer with internet access. Since the platform is centrally managed by Elabs, your own administrative effort is eliminated entirely. This allows you to focus on the development of successful business applications.

Your business services platform is operated and managed in our data centres directly at the German internet node in Frankfurt am Main – certified at the highest EU security level (EN 501331) – or alternatively at any site of your choice.

Monthly fixed rates for using the platform ensure full cost transparency, significantly reducing your fixed and overall costs.

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