IT services for IT innovations

IT is the base technology for innovation and value creation. It supports flexibility and customisation – for innovative functions and high-margin products. IT adds by far the most value in all industries today. Elabs offers IT service solutions for efficient software and hardware development – for example IBM MobileFirst Foundation and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

MS Team Foundation Server

Microsoft Team Foundation Server is a platform for the collaborative planning, realisation and management of software projects. Templates for important standard processes are included as XML files, so that an XML editor is sufficient for working with them. Tools are available for the direct adaptation of the development environment.

Team members can work on process steps with various programs integrated into Team Foundation Server – including Excel, Infopath, Project, Outlook, Word and Web.

In addition to versioning and reports tailored to various audiences (project managers, developers, persons responsible for costs), the special features of the Team Foundation Server include a build engine to automatically create the finished product after development. Team Foundation Server can be operated individually or through an Active Directory and used by users in various groups with different rights.

IBM MobileFirst Foundation

IBM MobileFirst Foundation is a platform for the creation, testing, execution and management of native, hybrid and mobile apps. Its use can effectively lower costs for the development and maintenance of mobile applications, speed up their market introduction and significantly improve their governance and security.

With IBM MobileFirst Foundation, you can create apps for any operating system and all devices – even with the use of your own development tools. You can link your apps to company data, applications and cloud services, and manage your app portfolio through a central interface.

IBM MobileFirst Foundation includes scalable data services. Your mobile apps are also technically secure and effectively protected at all times.

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