Innovative app development – fast, secure and highly productive

Imagine a highly modern app machine: You load your desktop software code and a perfect app comes out. That is desktop-to-mobile transformation with MaaS2go.


MaaS2go is a platform for the implementation, operation and testing of mobile applications. It offers you the benefits of standardised platforms, yet it is highly customisable. You benefit from the scalability, high availability and excellent performance of a mature platform while optional supplementary modules and external add-on services make it possible for you to integrate other software so that tailor-made applications can be developed at any time.


Technically MaaS2go forms the bridge between your desktop software and your new apps.

Desktop-to-mobile transformation and cross-platform product development

Desktop-to-mobile transformation makes your existing desktop software usable for mobile devices. MaaS2go offers mobile device management for end user devices, fully integrated into the plafform for mobile app automation.

But MaaS2go can do even more: Cross-platform product development combines minimal development effort for mobile, desktop and web software with a contemporary range of functionality. You can continue to use all existing functionalities.

With MaaS2go from Elabs, you continue to be faster than the competition. It simplifies the ongoing further development of your software. MaaS2go helps your company take rapid technlogy leaps. You develop flexible applications with freely combinable components using a few mouse clicks.

Comprehensive security for perfect technology leaps

MaaS2go is operated and managed in our data centres directly at the German internet node in Frankfurt am Main – certified at the highest EU security level (EN 501331) – on site in your company or at any location of your choice, entirely acording to your wishes.

No matter what location you choose: The security integration of MaaS2go consistenly ensures comprehensive security from the infrastructure to the app.


Software development at the switchboard

Mobile app production with extracted source code and new components


Mobile business remote management

Mobility management with app store and enterprise integration, push services, billing functions and much more


Highly scalable customer benefits

SaaS or in-house: Secure app operation with IBM Worklight technology

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