Business models and products for the Internet of Things

More and more devices are connected to the internet, sending information and receiving commands over the World Wide Web. But what happens when all of these devices communicate with each other directly, independently analysing the data they receive and making decisions on this basis? How will our living and working environment change when internet-capable devices become “intelligent”? What influence will these changes have on your business? Join Elabs on a journey into the emerging Internet of Things, identify opportunities for new business models and products with us and learn how to perfectly protect your devices and data even in the future.

Tremendous business potential

A world in which devices get intelligent and communicate with each other: What sounded like dreams of the future just a few years ago is already beginning to become reality – thanks to suitable hardware and software with virtually unlimited connectivity. The first applications already exist in many industries. These range from parcel tracking via the internet to autopilot in cars to smart grid solutions that help electrical appliances consuming large amounts of electricity always utilise the most favourable rates. The potential for the Internet of Things is enormous. Several dozen billion devices or more are expected to be connected to the internet in the next few years. One thing is clear even now: The Internet of Things will disrupt existing business models in the coming years and create new ones, just like social networks did in recent years. With Elabs you will be among the winners in the new internet age.

Consulting and IT service solutions from one source

More efficient processes and improved employee productivity, lower costs and better use of resources – these are just some of the growth factors in the Internet of Things. We help you develop business concepts, support you with the conceptual design of innovative products and offer you the full range of IT service solutions you need for the implementation of your individual Internet of Things strategy. The comprehensive security of your devices and data is assured at the software and network levels. Our competencies include all hardware and software aspects – from delivering the open source hardware and efficient device management to optimum compatibility with other devices by using leading standards.

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